Check robots.txt file of a website for errors and typos

If you own a website and are obsessed with your website being search engine friendly you will probably be aware of a file called robots.txt which often has the site-map to your website. This site-map is immediately picked up by search engines web crawlers which is how search engines end up indexing billions of web […]

How To Set DNS Records with IndiaTimes Server

After my last post on my experience with Indiatimes domain service, I got a couple of questions asking how to change the dns settings for domains registered with Indiatimes. As I already mentioned in that article, Indiatimes does not provide total dns control to its customers. There are, however, two ways you can get your […]

Find Best Domain name With 10 Domain name Generator Sites

Domain name is the most important step that plays the crucial role in making a successful website. It is just the simple mirror that reflects the theme of our website in a single word. This single word should be able to explain what our website is all about. Domain name selection is having such a […]

My Experience With Indiatimes Domain Service [TDIS]

Seeing new blogs coming up everyday the writer inside me started nagging me to start my own blog. After giving it a lot of thought I finally started my journey with But having a attached to my url didn’t give that feeling of ownership. So just after a week I started looking for […]

Dreamhost Webhosting 50$ discount Coupon Feb 2010

It’s been long we have posted any thing about Shared hosting Dreamhost. Devil’sworkshop was hosted on Dreamhost for long before moving to dedicated server. Though till now we recommend Dreamhost to our readers and therefore we have decided to come up with our monthly discount coupons post for Dreamhost. This month Dreamhost discount coupon code […]

$1.99 for .COM Domain – New GoDaddy Promo Code “geo199”

Just registered a .COM domain via GoDaddy for $1.99 (+$0.18 ICANN fees). Use promo code – geo199 for discount. Limitations – It will work for single domain registration only and you need to pay via credit card. If you want to register another domain use promo code – tweet1. It will make .COM domain available […]

Should we stop buying .tv domains?

The tiny South Pacific island nation of Tuvalu is in danger of sinking under water. The Prime Minister – Saufatu Sopoaga has been panicking and telling everyone that the sea levels are rising and Tuvalu can be the first victim of global warming.

As we know already, Tuvalu has been earning money by selling access to its Internet domain – “.tv” since late 90’s. But it now appears that since the island is doomed to sink beneath the ocean and no will longer exist as a nation, the domains could disappear with it too.

8 Tips For Finding Good Domain Names

Technically, we can move all traffic and search engine juice from one domain to another. But in long run, domain acts like your brand name so choosing a good domain early is always wise even if you need spend some time for it.
So listing in this post 8 points one can consider to find good domain name.

.TEL Domain Now Generally Available for Registration

Today, I recieved a newsletter from with the subject “ – .TEL Domain General Availability”. I was very happy to see that as I was waiting for a very long time for the .TEL landrush to over (as the price of .TEL domain was $295 for 3 years – I couldn’t afford that!). You […]