The terminal for all things you have on Google

Google has often said that it plans to be the one stop shop for organizing all information that is online. But if you have 10 different and not necessarily interlinked services and products it can end up being unstructured. This is where Google Dashboard comes into the picture and becomes a central nervous system for everything you might have on Google.


The idea of Google Dashboard is quite simple. Imagine that you have settings of Google Docs, Gmail, Google Chat, Blogger, Orkut, Google Talk and You Tube on one single page. That page is Google Dashboard. It is a single service which helps to set and access data for most of their services.

Google Dashboard

  • Many people have expressed concern at all the data Google has as they use various services at various times and lose track of it.
  • Dashboard is built with an aim to let users keep track of what exactly they store on Google.
  • Google claims and I think correctly to be the only company to offer such a service.

I don’t see the average user on Google who uses Gmail or Google Search to find Google Dashboard all that interesting, but it can be a handy tool for webmasters around the world who are using Google Apps and services like Adsense and Analytics.

Below is a video presentation about Google Dashboard from their blog.

Link: Google Blog


Akshay Kakkar November 7, 2009

Hey that;s good. I got to know about many things which i joined on Google.

Karan November 7, 2009

But i think it may be a problem for someones pivacy… Its almost like some one tracking of your eery movement including the pages you are searching or surfing which may include ur bank details or sometinhg like that…

Aditya Kane November 7, 2009

@Akshay: That is good to know you liked the post.
@Karan: This wont really track your internet usage but a place to give you access to information you store when you are signed in through Google services like Reader, Gmail, Orkut, Youtube. It is actually better than Dashboard exists as it allows us to make sure and keep a track on data we store with Google.