Twitter wants to Retweet

Retweet is fast becoming a favorite feature amongst Twitter users to spread the word and has been incorporated into many Twitter apps. To Retweet from the Twitter website you still have to copy-paste the message with ‘RT’ at the beginning. That is about to change with Twitter announcing that it will soon roll out Retweet function on its website.

This could be ominous as a lot of casual users of Twitter probably use a desktop application only so they could easily organize the accounts they follow and also Retweet their favorite tweets. With Lists and Retweet functions Twitter might actually hurt twitter based desktop applications out there. Finally it also might help a lot of new users on Twitter to be not too confused. A familiar first Tweet for someone new on Twitter is often  ‘Figuring out how Twitter works’ 😉


What to expect from retweet?

  • It is clear from a previous thinking out aloud exercise by Twitter is that it will have some sort of visual feature to show up the Retweets.
  • One way is when you moved the mouse over the Retweet it will show up more details the another approach could be a separate list where you can access all Retweets. I cannot confirm this as my Twitter account is not amongst the privileged ones Twitter is testing this functionality on. 😉
  • Another interesting feature which does not exist upto now is removing Retweet. Almost certainly there will be an option to remove a Retweet that you have made. The reason mainly could be a way to allow people to curb the spread of rumors on Twitter which has been happening a lot recently.

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Image Credit: The WWW Blog


Paritosh November 6, 2009

Nothing fancy about this. It was actually a required addon.

Aditya Kane November 7, 2009

@Paritosh: I know it was a required addon, but considering Twitter was more interested in mobile updates, it seems to have realised it has to have a better web interface to retain new people who join twitter.