Themer: A single-step solution for personalising your Android

Themer beta turns customizing an Android phone into a one step process and makes your homescreens more beautiful and useful.

We love customising our Android phones, don’t we all? Launchers play a huge role in this and the Play store is filled with hundreds, or may be thousands of them. There’s just too much choice for the users in this aspect.

Themer too is a launcher, but different. Read on.


Customizing an Android phone is obviously a multiple step process. You have to gather a lot of stuff, like a good wallpaper, a well designed icon pack, widgets and apply all this to your launcher. Everyone will agree that this is a tedious process. Themer tries to fix this.

The app is developed by the people at MyColorScreen – a great community of Android geeks showing off their customised Android homescreens.

At its core, Themer lets you browse through themes and download/apply them with a single tap. Each theme can have its own set of icons, widgets, background and all.

I wish themes from MyColorScreen were available. If they can make this happen, it’ll be a huge break through, as the mods on MyColorScreen are simply stunning (go have a look!).

In my testing (using a Galaxy Nexus), I found Themer to be a bit slow, but it really depends on how bulky the theme is.

Personally, I still continue to use Nova launcher, but I’ll switch surely if the themes get better.

Themer is not yet released for public, but you can hit the link below to sign up for its beta (you get mailed an access code after few days).

Link: Themer


Ashish October 14, 2013

This app is awesome…. got my code few days before.. but somewhat slower on 1GB ram.. working awesome on 2GB ram devices, like nexus 4..

Vibin October 14, 2013

Yes, as I mentioned, it was kinda slow, but still bearable on my Gnex. Should be awesome on a Nexus 4.