Get Thin Scrollbars on Your Chrome Browser

Almost every browser is trying to replicate the minimalist design of Chrome. I have grown to like Chrome mainly because it really shows more of the webpage than other browsers. No chunky toolbars at the top, all hidden neatly into extensions or Apps. 🙂

But scroll bars are still chunky and take up some space on the side. It would be nice to have those CSS like scroll bars which are present on Gmail and even Facebook’s ticker.


Just install Thin Scroll Bar on your Chrome browser and browse around websites with an ultra thin scroll bar, similar to the one seen in the image above.

If you want to go even more minimalist, then read about another extension on Chrome which shows all websites in plain black and white. Also if you want to save some bandwidth and view all websites in text mode only, try out this link.

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Link: Thin Scroll bar