Get plain white simple design with all websites viewed on Chrome!

Chrome_logoAs a blogger I end up visiting several websites. Many of these are blogs. Websites are often designed with many inputs about a lot of different things. For example a blog design might put more emphasis on links, social media widgets so that readers find it more interactive. Some blogs which are niche blogs, often end up having a very attractive design. Sometimes these designs are not good or even distract the reader’s attention from the content.

As I use Chrome as my primary browser, I found Plain Clothes extension very handy to convert all websites I am browsing into a plain white simple design.


While viewing a website, you will see the plain clothes icon at the right hand edge of the address bar. It will show up next to the bookmarking star symbol. Click on the icon and it will toggle between normal and plain clothes view.

If you are reading a lot online then having this extension is a good idea. I personally use it while reading through a blog. This way I can only concentrate on content and not get distracted with the design. Also it might help designers to look at their designs in such a threadbare way, to get more in-depth ideas on design.

Do try out Plain Clothes on Chrome and drop in your comments.

Link: Plain Clothes

One Comment

ss005 July 28, 2012

It’s very nice extension, I always use it.
But how can I hide it from address bar like “flash block” or “better popup blocker” extension?