Things you may not know Google can do

google_logo I think Google is a term which does not need any introduction, every person using Internet must be knowing what Google is and must have surely used it atleast once. Even Bush says that he uses Google. 🙂 So, let me come to the point and discuss some tips to make the most out of Google.

Do you know, you can check the live weather report of any area, or convert the value of currencies right from the homepage of Google? If not just go ahead and keep reading this post, wherein I am going to bring into light such unexplored features of Google. 🙂

  • Weather:
    This is one of the feature I use most of the times to check weather reports of various cities of India. As you can see on the image below, along with the live temperature, you can view weather forecast for four upcoming days.
    To use it, follow this example:
    Google_weather search
  • Currency Conversion:
    This is another search feature in Google that helps me a lot. Using this search feature, just within picoseconds, you can convert different currency values into your local currency value.
    For converting currencies, simply enter the conversion you like. For Ex.
    USD IN INR or
    10 GBP IN INR
  • Stock Quotes:
    To know the live value of any stock, simple enter the name of the company and the current market price of its stocks and shares will be made available.
  • Time:
    May be, if you frequently keep looking world clocks, then you may like this feature as well. If you want to know the present time of any country, then Google have an answer for that as well. Just search for ‘TIME’ followed by the name of the country. For Ex.
  • Calculator:
    Google can be used as a mathematical calculator too 🙂 To use Google’s built-in calculator function, simply enter the calculation you’d like done into the search box. 
  • Unit Conversion:
    This is similar to currency conversion feature. By using this feature you can easily convert values of various units.
    I tried converting, 5CM in Inches and here is the result.

Apart from the above listed important features of Google search, there are even more features that you can make use of of. The list of other such features are:

  • Sports Scores
  • Book Search
  • Package Tracking
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Maps
  • Airline Travel Info
  • Word Definitions

To know about all such features in detail you can visit this official page.

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