Tips on how mobile friendly is your website?

After many days since I am writing at Devilsworkshop as I was busy. This time I want to give a tip in developing Mobile firendly websites.
This is a issue which most webmasters face while optimizing their website for the mobile users. Now it is very easy with Percent Mobile.
The service that Percent Mobile offers is so simple its brilliant. It is a solution for online websites that tells you what % of your users visited your site via mobile.

I am going to explain Percent mobile in three simple steps.

Step - 1 Step - 2Step - 3

Percent mobile is like Mobile Analytics. You can even know the resolution of their screens so that you can better insights for your website.

For a sample report click here.
As this report also gives the dimensions, we can easily optimize our website.
Hope this helps you to improve the mobile browsing of your website.

(Image credits : Percent Mobile)

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