Top 10 Facebook Pages of Celebrities

Who’s got the most “likes”? Who’s regular with the status updates? Revealing the best photos? The list is out. The top 10 celebrity pages on Facebook is out.

Who’s got the most “Likes”? Who’s regular with the status updates? Revealing the best photos? The list is out. Here is a list of top 10 living celebrity’s Facebook pages.

  • Lady Gaga: Be it her raw meat outfit at the recent MTV Music Awards or her brilliant music, love her or hate her no one can ignore her. Seems like no one dares to try that either. She ranks number one on our list with 23,000,00+ likes. Funnily, a fan page named after Lady Gaga’s real name – Joanne Stefani Germanotta – has one hundredth the number of likes as the Lady Gaga page!!


  • Eminem: Falling short by few votes, next on the list is rapping legend – Eminem. As expected, the page is updated with the latest album releases and videos. Once again, the page named after his real name – Marshall Mathers has a meager 17,000+ likes.


  • Vin Diesel: Hollywood finally caught up with the music industry – Vin Diesel. He is a truly responsible Facebooker, with personalized status updates and video uploads as well. No wonder he has over 18,500,000 fans on his official page.


  • Megan Fox: She keeps fans updated with the latest photo shoots, interviews and videos.


  • Barack Obama: Current President of USA ranks fifth with over 16,000,000+ fans. His page is updated about 2 times a day on average.


  • Christiano Ronaldo: Ronaldo hits the goal at the number 6 on our list. With 5 times the followers Madonna has. Smile with tongue out


  • Roger Federer: World number 1 tennis player ranks seventh on our list of celebrities. I love his mobile uploads and fun status updates. So do his 5,000,000+ fans.


  • Jackie Chan: He may be close to 60 years old but that doesn’t stop him from making it to our top 10. Fans cannot get enough of his amazing personality.


  • Madonna: The legendary pop icon makes it in at number nine and her account is anything but ‘frozen’.


  • Mark Zuckerberg: There may be celebrities with a larger following, I still wanted to include Zuckerberg. This blog and Facebook would not have been the same had it not been for him. Smile with tongue out


That my top ten celebrity pages on Facebook. Who do you think I should have included? Let me know your views through your comments.