Top 10 Google Search Myths Revealed!

Top 10 Google Myths Revealed

Chris Beasley, founder of Website Publisher, wrote an interesting article revealing top 10 myths about Google Search!

Chris quotes,

“there are many myths about how Google works and, while fairly harmless in themselves, these myths tend to allow people to draw incorrect conclusions about how Google works. The purpose of this article is to correct the most popular Google myths.”

Following is list of 10 myths. For explanation, visit Chris’ article.

  1. The Higher Your Google PageRank (PR), the Higher You’ll be in the Search Results Listing
  2. The Google Toolbar will List Your Actual PageRank
  3. PageRank is a Value Based on the Number of Incoming Links to Your Site
  4. Searching for Incoming Links on Google Using “link:” will Show you all Your Backwards Links
  5. Being Listed in the Open Directory Project Gives you a Special PageRank Bonus
  6. Being Listed in Yahoo! Gives you a Special PageRank Bonus
  7. Google Uses Meta Tags to Rank Your Site
  8. Google Will Not Index Dynamic Pages
  9. Google Will Not List Your Site, or Penalize it, if you use Popups
  10. Google will Penalize you if You’re Linked to by a Link Farm

I knew about most of them, what about you? Are you surprised?

Link: Top 10 Google Myths Revealed

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Bapun March 20, 2009

Above all the above points, Content is king. If someone is having quality contents, search engines will treat him as their son-in-law 😉