YouTube – Top 5 Tech Related Videos in 2010

YouTube is all over and just like it grew more influential in 2009, it continued its domination of being the number one website to share videos online.

Top 5 Tech related videos on YouTube

Recently YouTube released certain trends to help people look for latest trends. I decided to look for the top 5 videos which were tech related. I must say all the videos are not really tutorials or highly technical, but it probably comes under tech culture.

#5. Google Chrome Speed Tests


This video demonstrates the lightening speed of Google Chrome with strange and weird experiments. This was viewed over 4.13 million times.

#4. “Take me Out” by Atomic Tom LIVE on NYC subway

This was a song sung by Atomic Tom on a NYC subway train. The video is tech related because the entire song was recorded and played with instruments using only iPhones and its applications. This video was viewed over 4.17 million times.


#3. Iggy investigates an iPad

Iggy is the name of the cat who in this video investigates an iPad. The natural curiosity of the animal along with iPad touch sensitive apps make it an amusing video. This video was viewed over 7.2 millions times.

#2. iPhone 4 vs HTC Evo

This video has two characters discussing the iPhone and is a sarcastic take on how people are looking to buy an iPhone only because of the brand and not so much know much about its features. This video was viewed over 11 millions times.

#1. Annoying Orange: Pacmania


We all realized this year that Pacman still evokes massive mania as Google found out when they put up a pacman interactive game as a doodle on their homepage. On YouTube is a video which has a fruit changing places with Pacman in the video game. This was viewed over 12.3 million times on YouTube.

Most of these videos show how Tech brands have become iconic in our everyday life and that is the main reasons of these videos becoming so popular. Do drop in your comments and let me know which one is your favorite among these videos.

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  1. If we talk about the Chrome it has a good speed no doubt as compare to FF. FF might be slower because of lots of add-on installed on my browser, but I have also tested the latest opera release and it seems quite faster than Chrome. But Latest Chrome is yet to come.

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