Top 10 Websites To Create A Blog For Free

Blogging has become a fashion these days. Everyone starting from Amitabh Bachchan to me are blogging. Some blog for fashion and some for passion, some for interest and some for the thirst of money. Different people have different motives behind blogging. Today, I am sharing the top 10 websites with which you can create a blog for free.

create_your_own_blogBlogging has become a fashion these days. Everyone starting from Amitabh Bachchan to me are blogging. Some blog for fashion and some for passion, some for interest and some for the thirst of money. Different people have different motives behind blogging. Today, I am sharing the top 10 websites with which you can create a blog for free.

Some websites gives user-friendly features, some others provide best SEO environment. So, you can select any service from the list below that suites you the most.

Let’s begin…

1. Blogger : Well, this website needs no introduction. Almost every new blogger starts from If you want to start a new blog, I recommend you to go for After gaining experience and skills you can then move to WordPress.

2. WordPress : This is my second choice as a blogging platform. does not provide users to upload new themes, plugins and this is main drawback of using Apart from this, if you are starting your blog for earning some bucks then I am extremely sorry, does not allow users to put any type of ads on their blog. If interested you can sign up your blog here.

3. Weebly : One of the simplest website for you to create a blog. Just register an account, select your theme and start blogging. I have written a review on Weebly, click here to check it out.

4. Thoughts : Here is a 100% free website that will help you in creating a blog. It claims to have some extra features that you won´t find on other blog sites. This site provides unlimited bandwidth, photo, video and podcast sharing, community forums and live news discussions. If interested, you can register your account here.

5. BlogPico : If you want to create an adsense ready blog, then BlogPico can be the second best option for you (first one is Blogger :D). It allows users to get ad share while blogging from Google adsense or Yahoo publisher Network. Sounds interesting! Click here to register your account for free.

6. ClearBlogs ( : A simple and free tool for you to create a blog for free. This website gives a huge list of exciting features like :

  • Instant Publishing
  • Fully Customizable Templates
  • Sub-directory URLs
  • Spam Protection
  • RSS Feeds & Pinging
  • Friends-Only Entries
  • Public & Private Entries
  • Multiple-Authors
  • Permanent Links
  • Member Support Forums
  • Upload Photos & Music
  • IP Banning
  • Much More..

Update: is no longer functional. Thanks to ‘119ENG’ for letting us know via comments.

7. Xanga : With Xanga, you can create a blog for free. It has a lot of features that you can use very easily to your blog like adding videos, audios, albums and a lot more. Just give it a try and I am sure you will like it. Sign up now

8. Blog.Com : One of the famous website and a great tool to create a blog in three easy steps.

  1. Sign up
  2. Create Blog
  3. And finally Customize

Click here to create a new blog on Blog.Com

9. BlogSome : BlogSome is the fastest growing blog host in the world. It’s a free web hosting site for blogs. Below are some quick features about this website :

  • Fast, easy and free
  • Choice of themes
  • Upload photos
  • Personalize your design
  • and more…

Get your free blog now!

10. tBlog : It is a three year old website which is about creating blogs that people see. It provides :

  • Bannerless blogging
  • “tMatch” Suggested Networking
  • FULL theme control
  • Real-time statistics
  • Custom HTML
  • Instant Traffic to Your Free Blog
  • Blog Subscriptions
  • And a lot more, all for FREE!

SignUp for a new blog today!

In a nutshell :

  • If you are starting a blog for money: Go for Blogger
  • If you lack basic HTML/CSS knowledge and want easy features: Go for Weebly or Thoughts
  • If you a newbie and do not have much technical skills and want to earn money also: Go for BlogPico

[Editor’s Note: This post is submitted by our guest blogger Gagan. Gagan blogs on internet & technology at CreativeBloggingIdeas.

If you too would like to write for Devils Workshop, please check this. Details about our revenue sharing programs are here.]

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Arjun S Kumar May 18, 2009

Really a good post gagan..

venkat May 19, 2009

I am very happy with blogger though it lacks plugins such as in wordpress.

alok May 19, 2009

Nothing can beat wordpress or blogger :

Balaji @ GuideTotech May 20, 2009

You missed the famous indian provider

Jimmy May 20, 2009

I think they have provided the global 10 best resource. Keep up the good job guys.

blurjr July 18, 2009

blogger’s the best..
i dun like wordpress.

nike air force 1 September 26, 2009

it is good for me.

Free Business Mailing Lists December 25, 2009

A couple of these are dead already but otherwise some good resources.

domain names June 21, 2010

Great! that is good and nice blog post..

Anish August 12, 2010

hey gagan,
does thoughts allow adsense,and please tell which site has good templates ,i know about which uses flash website and looks really professional.but does it have adsense feature???

durgesh nandan sharma December 25, 2010

Nice Blog & Good Article

Ram February 22, 2011

Good article with experts knowledge.Thanks to u.

Debojyoti Ghosh March 17, 2011

Hey guys, if you are serious about blogging/ building a website and want to indulge in SEO, money making and editing themes without spending a SINGLE penny, go for Blogger. I prefer it to WordPress.
Blogger also allows you to use custom domains. (You can get free and domains from respective their sites). No payment is required for that!
If you are unsure, you may have a look at my website:
It has been hosted in Blogger.

Okulary Ray Ban May 11, 2011

WOW ! Till now i used to know only 5 and the list now suddenly moved to 10 no’s 😀 thanks man 😉

krisna May 20, 2011

I like Blogger…..

Ramz June 26, 2011

Hi, Thank u for this useful information.

Muhammad Awais October 6, 2011

wow……….. very helpful information ….
i like blogger and wordpress

lakshmi October 23, 2012

than you.. this was a useful info fr me… am a newbie looking fr ideas abt starting a blog..thanks a lot 🙂

Ashish October 26, 2012

I think the Domain clear parking is on domain parking ?? 🙁

Michael John October 31, 2012

Nice collection… But Blogger is the best in this entire list 🙂

Thx for this excellent work…


119ENG December 13, 2012

Thanks for compiling such a great collection of blog services. I personally prefer WordPress due to the enormous amount of plug-ins.

119ENG December 13, 2012

By the way ClearBlogs is no more. Just a heads up:)

Aditya Kane December 14, 2012

Thanks for the update on Clearblogs. The post has not been updated regarding 🙂

Lelavathi March 31, 2013

Hi Gagan, I created a blog on my grandson Roshan more than a year ago. Now I don’t remember where I did it and cant find in and where I have accounts already. Did I lose the blog for being inactive for long time! Any advice please. Thank you
Lela Singapore

Harikrishna July 31, 2013

i got bit confusion you mentioned ( does not allow users to put any type of ads on their blog) can you please explain about this. what type of adds they block

Estrella August 14, 2013

Hi, can you please help me?? I want my page to look like other bloggers pages…they have different pagesand you can see different posts in each page…but I cant do that 🙁

sandeep November 6, 2013

Yes all the above sites mentioned by the author indeed provide free hosting services for blogging…but if you want to become a good blogger it is better to buy a domain and webhosting service and start your own blog.