Top 3 Program Launchers for Windows

If you’ve installed a lot of apps in your Windows then using a program launcher is the best productive solution. It will also help you in making your desktop clutter-less. For Windows OS, there are lot of program launchers to choose from. Here are 3 which I found very useful.

#1. Mad App Launcher

launch 1

It’s a visual app launcher with a tabbed interface. There are 10 tabs which can hold a maximum of 300 apps! With tabs, you can classify your apps, for example you can use one tab for all your browsers, another one for media players etc. To add an app, just drag it to one of the key (on the on-screen keyboard), after dragging all your apps then save it. Each app is designated with a letter on the on-screen keyboard, you can also assign hotkeys for the launcher. If you’re looking for a minimal (no themes, fancy stuff) app launcher then go download it.

Link: Download Mad App Launcher

#2. Launchy


Launchy is a lot more than a program launcher, it’s an OpenSource keystroke app launcher. Apart from launching programs, it can also index folders, documents and it can even launch your favorite websites. If you’re running Firefox 3+ then it can also search your browser bookmarks. It also performs simple calculations and can execute run commands. There are also 6 skins available in the latest release, just like Mad App Launcher you can set hotkey for it. If you don’t like the fancy interface, just select portable in the settings window.

Link: Download Launchy

#3. Rocket Dock

launch 2
It’s a very well known Windows-only dock-based app launcher. Just drag the program shortcuts into the dock to add new programs. In the latest version of Rocket Dock you can also minimize running applications, so your taskbar will be clean enough. It’s interface is highly visually appealing, in the first the interface may look addictive but eventually it will slow your system if you don’t have good RAM. It also has a active forum where members post icon packs, skins and walls.

Rocket Dock In Action

Link: Download Rocket Dock

So, have you tried any of these program launchers? Which one do you feel is the best? Do drop in your comments


HemanthKumar Chilakapati May 21, 2011

Thanks for top 3 launcher for windows. Keep it up dude. I love to visit this blog daily.

Techno May 21, 2011

I’ve used rocket dock and I love it.

Gagan Arora May 22, 2011

nice list i always prefer rocket doc…