5 Funniest Android Apps to Kill Time

Android is rocking with many apps now. You can spice up your phone with any of those apps to make it more friendly or to make it worthy for business, finance, news,  social site and even just a great way pass some time with some fun apps. There are tons of android apps that, in my opinion, are the best time killers ever.

Here is a list of 5 funniest apps that I have used and found a good way to kill some time.

#1. Fat Booth

FatBooth, one of the popular app, helps you to think and visualize how a person would look with a few more pounds packed.

I saw this app on my brother’s iPhone first, and when I got my Android, I found it in there too. It’s a funny app to play pranks on your friends or teachers. Be careful of this app, it can also upset some people. 😉

Link : Fat Booth

#2.Talking Tom Cat

One of the Funniest Android app I have seen. Very very funny, especially for the kids. My kid sister was completely addicted to this app on my phone.

The graphics are great and you can feed the Tom cat with milk, you can hit him or tickle him and also, he will repeat anything  that you tell, in a funnier voice. The app is enough to kill a lot of time and to give birth to a lot of fun! It works great with touch screen.

Link: Talking Tomcat

#3. Google Goggles

Actually, not exactly a funny app and has productive functions. You can take pictures of a logo, monuments, paintings, books or etc and search them. The goggles will tell you what they are, and it can even fetch the contact details from a business card. It is really funny to take images and search them and to get the correct result ( most of all time :-)). A great way to kill time.

Link: Google Goggles

#4. Pho.to lab

This is the app of the famous site called pho.to and one of my favorite Android app. This app helps you to choose a photo from your gallery and to transform it into several ways – I can add thrilling effects to it, make collages, give fascinating frames, making yourself a celebrity or even turning the picture into an Avatar (Like those movie character) or a zombie.
Their face recognition technology is great and works perfectly. Their photos also keep some of the originality and doesn’t seems to be an artificial. That’s why I love this app!
Link : Pho.to Lab

#5. Turbo Granny Free

This is a very funny app. It is filled with humor and is really interesting. It has a granny riding a scooter and as you can see, that can lead to a lot of funny moments. I have found this app to be the most fun on Android.
Link : Turbo Granny

These are my picks for the funniest apps on Android. Do you have any more to share, do drop them in your comments.


Karthik Prabhu June 17, 2011

I really loved Turbo Granny and Talking Tom Cat. They are just awesome! I think even Androidify should deserve a place on this list. It is a simple app that lets you create your own Android avatars. You can change its hairstyles, clothes, foot wears, etc.

Rajeel June 18, 2011

Ya, I looked it too. But it not fit for everyone. For some, it may act as rubbish ( it did for most of all my friends ). That’s why i didn’t add it here.

Harpreet Singh June 18, 2011

Nice post its useful for bcoz i have a endroid it helps me alot……thanks

basilis September 26, 2011

i have got an android phone too! Great appls too! Any1 got any idea how to download them on card memory or pass them to card memory?I need to download more and i dont have space 🙁