Google Shows Organized List of Related Search Results!

Google has introduced related search results which is potentially a masterstroke to encourage better and deeper search by users and also making it easy to look for precise things.

Google has recently added, search by image a feature which allows users to use an image file from the internet or even your desktop and get relevant search results about the image. Today, with its search results Google has introduced related searches.

If you remember, Google Squared was a search tool to organize search results into lists, which would be easy to carry out research on multiple search terms.

Using Google Squared technology, Google is bringing related search results in the form of organized list of search results.

Google’s masterstroke with related search results!


  • On searching for something like tyres or cricket bats, Google will now show related searches above all the search links.
  • This will encourage people to search deeper than they would usually, which means more revenues for Google if they end up clicking on a sponsored link.
  • Having brands and stores showing up automatically as search results, will help users a great deal to actually find things online.

Lately, Google has received a lot of bad press about not being innovative with search and that it was stagnating. Also with Twitter and Facebook becoming popular for content discovery, Google had to pull up their socks.

With related searches it does bring about a really useful and simple feature to help users. Maybe it is because of their new CEO Larry Page who took over this April. Or maybe Google is just getting back to its roots of innovating and then figuring out how to make money of it.