TrackThisForMe lets you keep an eye on your daily activities

How cool would it be to keep track of all your daily routine activities like how many kilometres you jog, or time spent talking on mobile or weight gained/lost? TrackThisForMe tries to do exactly this.


It’s essentially an Android or web app which churns out interesting statistics based on input of your routine activities.

To get started, create a new category with a name and units for it – for example, time spent on watching TV, with hours as units.

Next, you can add elements to it everyday, reading which, the app will generate a graph. Along with graphs, it will also show the minimum, maximum, etc. stats of the category. You can also set goals and see if you’re reaching them.

There is a neat feature called Smart categories which gives statistics/graphs without asking any input from you. This includes SMS received/sent, Total calls in minutes etc. stuff.

The Android app is well designed with Holo written all over it and good usage of Roboto typeface.

While the app is not available for mobile platforms other than Android, there’s a mobile site which works pretty well.

Link: TrackThisForMe