Trick to surf free on BSNL Dataone Night Unlimited Plan

I use BSNL dataone connection 500c plan, I was often wondering if there were any tricks that apply on the BSnl. One day I forgot to disconnect my BSNL connection after 8 am,which is the limit of free download time (2am-8am).

When in the evening I looked my usage detail I was surprised to know that I was not charged for using after 8am… so I started to use the trick, it can atleast extend your free download time upto 1/2 hour (I did not experiment beyond it).

If you want to extend the free download time. Here we go….

Just connect before one or two minutes before 8 am, and use till it get disconnected automatically or the link disappears. You will not be charged for it.

Here I am putting up a screenshot of my use.



Its just a trick and you should strictly avoid using such tricks as you may sometime end up getting a huge broadband usage bill.


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Srinivas August 28, 2009

Why did devilsworkshop publish this.. ? Don’t ever try to use this.. Have a look @

Srinivas August 28, 2009

I’ve contacted BSNL officials and didn’t get any positive info for a week. The reset is at random intervals.(this is why bsnl s*ks) 30 min can account to 200MB or more.Just don’t try this if you wanna save your pocket…
@ Prashant Vishwakarma. Resize image before posting..

Prateek August 28, 2009

We can’t take risk…
@Srinivas I agree with you…

Anshul Gupta August 28, 2009

As per my knowledge and usage, I think the Bsnl server responds 20 to 30 minutes later from the given time (2:00 am – 8:00 am)… that’s why the free hour starts at around 2:20 A.M and stops at around 8:25 A.M.

Puneet August 28, 2009

Using this trick is very risky. Pay Rs. 250 and enjoy unlimted download, though bandwidth available is only 256kbps

papi April 16, 2010

there is not any 250 unlimited plan

niloy June 17, 2010

pay Rs 250 more for 750 unlimited plan

imtheking August 28, 2009

its not risky, i tried it and never get charged

imtheking August 28, 2009

@srinivas the link you has given states that the user is charged according to the time at which he connected the dataone,if u connect in time(2-8) u ll not be charged.m dead sure,they provide this flexibility,but net get disconnect after 30 min max.

Harsh Agrawal August 29, 2009

It can happen..Similarly like Sify and Airtel…but its all about taking chNCES…You might be lucky for a time or two…but once you will get charged..Probably end of your bandwidth…

fellowwaste August 30, 2009

no need to conect before 2 minutes just ccontinue ur dwnload it works for abt 5 to 10 min not more to me

Srinivas August 31, 2009

In short. BSNL s*cks. They are not able to manage an automated reset @ 2am and 8am . Thos who get to use extra time may be happy. wat abt those who get billed for using after 2am???
I got official communication on this issue will update the post soon.

Again my site(crimechamber) is down. Can anybody share your server space with me for 6 months(until my final yr is over). I get only 1000 page views per month less than 500MB bandwidth.

fortySo September 6, 2009

start –> run –> telnet 13
to get the server time.

sam September 10, 2009

hi frens these bsnl guys r fricks..
some dirty tricks goin on .
at night of wednes day or thursday the bw charges r more compared to that of de other days considering de same uses.. u can check it out..

srinivas October 7, 2009

This is true man I’ve noticed it. It always shows more than my netmeter readings.

Deepak Jain October 7, 2009

George’s comment is now deleted.

kinjal October 12, 2009

hi i cant access if any one have trick then plz reply….!!

srinivas October 12, 2009

Thanks for noticing spam. The comment was on a different post.

Deepak Jain October 14, 2009

@ srinivas
Its very hard for us too see spam posts and comments here. We try our best to keep spammers away from DW.
Further if you notice any spams, you can write at “editors AT devilsworkshop DOT org” 😉

sahil October 23, 2009

hey i will try this trick

Sent on a phone using

srinivas November 3, 2009


BSNL have updated their rest timings which makes this trick obsolete. I request mods to have a clear warning left at beginning of the post for the welfare of DW visitors..

Rohit Jain November 13, 2009

Namaskaar bhai logon.

I wud like to explain how this trick works .
BSNL server maintains the chargeable units by making session of 30 mins. They cant break ur downloading session at correct 2 or 8 am , instead they break it after 30 min of ur start or login time( the time at which u plug in ur modem). So if u started at 01:55 am , then this session will automatically break at 2:25 am and all the downloading done in this interval ( upto 2 : 25 am) will be charged as the session started before 2 am.
Either u start ur downloading after 2:30 for being safe or follow this trick if u want ur d/nloading not to be charged after 2 am :

Plug in ur modem (on ur sleeping time) at either 11:02 ,11:32 , 12:02 , 12:32, 01:02 , 01:32 or 2:02 am . Then dont touch ( ie dont ON & OFF ur modem) till next morning .

Staring ur session at ni of d specified timing will break ur session at 02:02 am . And then all the downloading done will be free as the session startd or broken after 02 am.

For proof u can see that their session period is either of an half hour or 1 hour or 1hr 30 min etc ie a multiple of 30 min

So the leader of this post is right if u plug in ur modem at 07:59 am , u will not be charged upto 8:29 am .

ATTENTION : these all timing sud be synchronised with BSNL server clock ( as displayed in BSNL potal website).

MOHIT GAWANDE November 16, 2009

sorry bro but it doesnt worked in chandrapur

phani December 11, 2009

ya the trick worked for me three times bro but must wait for the month end to see what happens

uninar December 18, 2009

great! its working… i downloaded lot of things… its completely free…

ravi January 12, 2010

ya,its right,i had also seen several time that when i forget to disconnect upto 20min…the use is not charged

Josh January 14, 2010

Thats the c’mon pbm the BSNL faces.. and one day i got screwed as it starts to countdown exactly 8 …

Soham March 30, 2010

The trick was workinh perfectly before…but now-a-days…if u r connecteed from just before 2minutes from 8 and get connected nearly 1/2 hours…they pay separately after 8a.m…so dont try this trick now…

Kartikey April 20, 2010

I know that its a silly question ~ but if i connect to net at 6:00 AM and continue till 8:25 AM ~ Will I be charged
If this trick isnt working properly,then why dont U del the post

Mike May 2, 2010

Night unlimited starts from 12 AM or 2 AM ?? Plz tell me guys…cuz ppl here say its 12 AM (in North east India)

Vijay Rajpurohit May 3, 2010

i am very thankful to this site
and after using this site i find a new
trick to use plans unlimited

vicky May 16, 2010


Can any body tell me the correct and safe timing of night unlimited. where i can not be charged.i have 500C home plan.

thehidden77 June 17, 2010

2.00 am to 8.00 am is the unlimited duration

amu May 22, 2010

hei guys can anybody tel me that will i be charged for night unlimited if i have exceeded my plan limits???????

Akshansh May 31, 2010

y not take an unlimited plan in just rs.750permonth and unlimited downloading n surfing it’s cool n i m enjoying it

logo design July 31, 2010

but now everything rectified. they can actually bill you from 2AM to 8AM sharp. no lags no delays. so this trick wont work.