Recognizing Spam Twitterers and Reporting them to Twitter Team

twitter spam This post may look bit irrelevant to you, but recently some tips came to my mind to identify a spam twitterer which I thought to pen down for you all :) . It may be useful for you if you are new to Twitter and decide following back your followers.

Who is Spam Twitterer?

Twitter being one of the trending social networking platform with a reported growth of about 1300%, more and more spammers are turning on to twitter to get attention from as much people possible. So, in simple terms, spammers in twitter having spam twits are known as spam twitterers.

Why not to follow Spam Twitterer?

Usually having much spammers in your followers list is not considered to be good as many people visiting your profile page for the first time may judge about you with your following and followers hence, it may directly effect your following count. Moreover its also been said that, your profile may be at risk of being suspended by Twitter if you have a huge count of spam following and followers.

Common characteristics of Spam Twitterer:

  • spam twitterers Timeline usually filled with promotional twits
  • Spammers usually do not have a avatar or have nude pics as their Avatar
  • Mostly spam twitterers have a following and follower ration greater than 1. It means, the number of people they follow exceeds the number of their followers.

Reporting Spam Twitterers to Twitter Team

To help Twitter recognize spammers and keep twitter clean, you can report suspected spammers by mentioning the twitter user to @spam. @spam is a dedicated and official twitter account that is available to report suspected spammers.

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Harsh Agrawal August 29, 2009

One more thing.. Because of automatic tweets..You might find profile with 1000 friends but with 0 Tweets as well…