Turn Android users into robots with Gmail

I must give credit to Google for the quirky additions they make to their layouts and features which often keep changing the way we perceive Google. The latest quirk by Google is that when you are using Android phones and have the chat box open on your phone you might show up as a robot to other users on Gmail.


Green Robot on Gmail

This feature when activated on Gmail, will show up a Android phone user as a green robot instead of the regular green dot. You can also add this feature on your Gmail account through the Labs section.

  • Click on Settings while you are on Gmail and then go to Labs.
  • In Labs you need to enable a feature by the name “Green Robot!” as shown in image below.


  • From then on your Gmail will show your friends who are logged-in with an Android phone as  green robots. 🙂

This is just one of the quirky additions that Google makes to its regular products. Sometimes I wonder if such quirks are gimmicks to create a buzz or just a stage for their developers to push the envelope. All things said and done I feel Google is really good at giving itself that geeky image time and again.

What do you think about it? Let me know with your comments.

Link: Gmail Blog