Target Facebook page updates based on location and language [How-to]

Another great feature by Facebook for all those who admin pages on Facebook. Now you all can target your updates based on location and language from all over the world. The updates here is meant for posts, links, photos, and videos that you share on your page. That means if an update is targeted to US based English users, that update will be visible to only those specific group of people.

Here location means the country like USA India e.t.c. If you are targeting a popular country like Unites States then you have an option of targeting audience by state and city as well but for less popular countries the update can only be targeted on the basis of whole country. For language, you can select from a vast variety of languages which is also having some typical Indian languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali e.t.c.

How to target updates?

First go to the page that you admin and compose an update which can have links, photos, and videos as well. Now on the left of Share button, check a new button which is actually used for targeting. Click on that button and select “Customize”


pages-1 - Copy

After this a pop-up “Choose your Audience” will appear. Select the country and state/city (if any) with the desired language. You can choose more than one country and language too.



That’s it, now your update will appear to selected fans only. This feature will obviously help to make the communication more relevant. This feature is most important for celebrity pages who usually have more than million fans and want to publish their next tour date for a particular country.


Rishabh November 19, 2009

Congrats, Sauravjit. This is an awesome post! Keep up the good work 🙂

sauravjit November 19, 2009

Thank you 🙂