Tweet viewer virus short-link attracts 15700+ clicks!

No one generally doubts the tendency of Internet users today being so desperate to check who all have checked out their profile(s) on Facebook and Twitter. With Facebook already slow in removing spam applications which claims to let users check how many times their profile has been visited, Twitter managed to block this viral URL just in a day.


DW twittervirus_2

With tweets like “Wow! You can see WHO VISITS your TWITTER profile. That’s cool!  🙂 “ followed by the url, spammers did try to attract the attention of the already crazy users and they did receive some success with over 15700 clicks in just a day. Even if the link has been blocked, the tweet virus can still use different short URL services (See where shortened URLs redirect you).


DW twittervirus_1

Revoke access to application

In case you have still not done this, go to your account Settings –> Connections –> Revoke Access and revoke this application’s access immediately.


DW twittervirus_3

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