Check where shortened URLs redirect you to with Unhid

NOTE: Unhid has not been working for a while now. URLXray is a an alternative. Read more about it here.

Shortened URLs have been very useful, especially with the rise of Twitter. The problem is shortened URLs give you no idea about the page you are visiting and if it is safe website to visit or not. Recently a virus is circulating with random messages along with shortened URLs on many social networking sites. Click on the URL and your computer can be affected.

On DW we have reviewed a lot of ways to creating shortened URLs but not much on doing things the other way around. This is where Unhid helps. It is a website which helped me convert a shortened URL and showed me the original URL where I would be redirected.



  • Unhid is a great way to look up which site you are being redirected to before clicking on a shortened URL.
  • I copy pasted the short URL and clicked on ‘Unhide‘ as shown in the image above.
  • This showed me the actual URL of the page I would be taken to. In this case Devils Workshop homepage. 😉


I find Unhid quite handy to make sure if I have any suspicion on where I may be redirected by a shortened URL. 🙂 Hope you too find this website useful and let me know your views and opinions through your comments.


pramodh November 15, 2009

Hey, it’s really scary to click on unknown links especially on Twitter… However, I use Echofon and it automatically unshortens urls…. Or else Check this out.. this also unshortens the URL:

Sourish Nath November 17, 2009

Useful information. but lengthy process.Everyday user will reply on his AV for such threats rather than going to other site to find about the link

fireshots November 22, 2009

hey thnx, its a very useful web site.