Twitter Ad Platform is Going to Launch Today

There is good news for all Twitter lovers. After a long wait Twitter is launching Ad Platform tonight.


Twitter Ad platform is called as “Promoted Tweets”. The Main goal of Twitter Ad Platform is to promote the business to include in the stream of tweet and get promoted. For bloggers, who are into service sectors can grab the chance of promoting their services through Twitter Ad Platform.I just hope that this strategy turn to be useful and provide relevant tweets rather than giving an impression of Spamming.

According to the sources, the Twitter’s Ad Platform is similar to Tweetup Product. There are few features we can be expected such as:

  1. Twitter messages will appear above normal Search results.
  2. Third Parties (TweeDeck, Seesmic) might have Adsense syndication format.
  3. Promoted tweets are not sure to stay for a long time.
  4. Initial partners includes Best Buy , Virgin America, Starbucks and Bravo.
  5. The platform will purely based on the keywords on twitter search queries.

I guess this is going to be an awesome change and turning point for Twitter. Hope we can get more out of it.

What’s your insight about launch of Twitter Ad Platform, Would it be beneficial for us?

Stay in touch with us for more updates about Twitter Ad Platform Launch.


STRAIGHTALK April 14, 2010

Well I just hope twitter doesn’t change much now that they too have been caught up in the advertising media..

This must mean Google is gonna change their SERPs to real time like I have heard already!

Thanks for the heads up!

Aditya Kane April 14, 2010

Twitter will be rolling out a redesigned format. So a lot of changes are expected but I dont think they will alienate the current Twitter lovers.