Google Docs gets revamped with Wave like features

When Google Wave was out and people started using it, many were disappointed and felt what was its real purpose. I think slowly we will be getting its cloud based technology’s real purpose as Wave makes a presence with snippets of it making its way in other Google services. First we saw that Google is working with file transfer on chat interface on Gmail. Now we have a complete revamp of Google Docs.

Revamp of Google Docs

  • Google Docs has revamped quite a few things and one major thing as been to give Google doc higher fidelity to better collaboration. This mean imported documents on cloud retain their original format and you can then start editing online version of these documents without worrying about formatting it all over again. This can happen especially if you upload a word document to Google doc and it loses its formatting.
  • Google Docs will now allow 50 people to work on a single document. Earlier we did not know how or who was editing it at what stage now you can see the changes character by character. It is very much like Google Wave where you can see whats being typed every character.
  • It also claims the Google Docs will be faster with advanced Jscript and this will obviously mean it will be more and more useful only with recent browsers and will drop support for older ones. (Read IE6 and IE7) 🙂

Here is a video from Google Docs Blog which explains their changes quite well.

Do try out the new features on Google Docs and drop in your comments on what you like or dislike about Google Docs?