Twitter Add Photo Sharing Service: Competition to TwitPic and yfrog

If you are on Twitter and ever shared an image on it, chances are you used TwitPic or yfrog. These are third-party apps which help Twitter users to share photos.

Today, Twitter has introduced a new feature which allows users to upload photos.


This would probably worry TwitPic and yfrog. It also is another case of Twitter replicating what 3rd party developers created.

Twitter’s history of borrowing ideas

  1. Retweet Option: The Retweet feature was not exactly a 3rd party developer’s idea but this idea came from the Twitter users themselves. Just adding an ‘RT’ in front of the tweet allowed people to give credit to the original tweet. Twitter then included this as a new feature in their interface itself.
  2. Tweet Counter: Webmaster usually used retweet buttons on their website with Tweetmeme. Twitter then also did the same thing, possibly making people forget all about Tweet Meme service.
  3. Tweet Deck: This was the most expensive deal for Twitter. It did not have a great platform like TweetDeck and before UberMedia could buy it, it bought TweetDeck. Chances are TweetDeck will rust away over the new few years.
Do try out Twitter new add photo option on their website. Do let me know if you would use that or stick with a 3rd party service.