Twitter + Google URL shortener extension for Chrome browser

Google’s Chrome browser now supports extensions and the internet has been buzzing with information on new extensions out there. Literally hundreds of extensions are already out there for Chrome.

I am using Chrome a lot now a days and if I reflected on it a bit, I think I probably spend more time using Chrome than I use Firefox. I admit the real reason I use Firefox is for the amazing number of useful toolbars and add-ons it works with. I came across this Chrome extension which has managed to combine Twitter along with Google’s URL shortener

Twitter + Google URL Shortener

  • Go ahead and download and install the extension to Chrome browser. Make sure your Chrome Browser is Chrome 4 beta version which supports extensions.
  • Once you are visiting a page you like and want to share it on Twitter, just click on the “g” symbol next to where the address bar ends.
  • It creates a short URL for you to share over Twitter.
  • Clicking on the familiar Twitter “t” symbol will take you to Twitter website. If you are logged into Twitter, you can write your message along with the link and share it. 🙂

Below is a video of how this extension can be used to share links.

Hope you find this useful and let me know what you think about this Chrome extension through your valuable comments.


Ninad December 18, 2009

Thanks dude,

your article is really helpful for me to add my website’s name on twiter ……..

you have used Video as well as Images to tell more about shortening extension,

this article is useful as well as very creative …..

thanks a lot

Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats December 18, 2009

Is there any similar plugin for firefox??

Aditya Kane December 19, 2009

@Ninad: thankyou for enjoying the video.
@Rajesh Kanuri: I am not aware of a toolbar for firefox which does the same. But there are many for Twitter. I reviewed Twitter Toolbar which also supports URL shortner (not google’s). YOu can check the post here.