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twitter_toolbar2I have started using Twitter more often than before and that has meant the number of tweets I send out has increased manifold.Usually I do not use twitter with my phone and end up sending updates on-line with But being signed- in continuously on a website like Twitter sometimes is a bit of a bother and hence I thought a nice tool-bar to send tweets across seems like a good idea.

I was looking up the internet to see if I could find a twitter toolbar and was lucky to have found one. Its is quite easy and was just what I really needed.


Tweet Now: Tweet Now allowed me to type in my user-name and password and then the message. Clicked on ‘Send Tweet’ and it was posted on my twitter page. The part which might disappoint is that it does not store the user-name and password and you have to type that in every time you need to send a tweet. I personally liked that feature as I tend to forget signing out of tool-bars.

Twoak: The problems with long URLs is when you want to use ‘Tweet Now’ on the tool-bar it unlike twitter it does not shorten or cloak the link. In this case you can always use ‘Twoak’ and copy the shortened link into ‘Tweet Now’. Twitter allows only 140 characters per tweet hence this is quite useful.

Twitter Tools: TwitterTools provided me with links to up to 30 odd twitter tools in a neatly arrange drop-down menu. These tools are web based and the links take you directly to the one you selected on the browser.

Twitter Research: Just like ‘Twitter Tools’ was a assortment of tools Twitter Research shows up in a drop down menu a number useful websites do some research on Twitter. One of my favourites amongst them are ‘Twitter Forum’ and ‘Twit Polls’.

Twitter Toolbar is available for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

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