Twitter Redesigns Search Results for Android / iPhone Apps

Twitter redesigns how it displays search results on its iPhone and Android apps. The search results now include tweets, photos, account in single stream

The present Twitter app is actually not my most preferred one and hence I end up using 3rd party apps. So Twitter’s blog announced a change in design, I was slightly hopeful it would be radically different from its present form. Too bad it was not but it has made changes to how it shows search results and also its discover tab.

But some changes are made and most importantly it is how they will be showing search results in a single stream.

Twitter Search Single Stream

New Changes to Twitter Apps

  • The big change is how apps will display search results. For example now all tweets, photos and accounts will be shown instream or rather in a single stream.
  • More importantly Twitter has included a search button for iPhone apps which allows searching from anywhere within the app. Android and iPad users will be familiar with this search feature as they already have it.
  • Single stream display for all tweets, activity and trends. This used to be shown in the Discover tabs with different sections.
  • There are new previews on at the top of the Discover tab.
  • You can adjust connect tab defaults to mentions “Mentions Only” or “Interactions”. The default is “Interactions”.
  • There is slight change is how links open. It used to require two click to get to a website from a tweet. Now it requires only a single click or tap.

I am not the most updated about various aspects of Twitter as I am not really a power user. But I think with showing profiles, photos and tweets in a single stream for search results and Discover tab, it is trying to further control the relevancy of media we consume on it.

This control obviously will finally translate to better contextual tweets or promoted tweets. And that will finally mean more revenues for Twitter.

Though, for me to use Twitter app, it still needs to radically change its design and layout. Maybe they could take a cue from the likes of Carbon for Twitter or other great apps.

If you have updated your phone app for Twitter, do let us know about the new changes in your comments.

Link: Twitter App on Google Play | App Store