Google Announces Mapathon 2013 Contest to Improve Maps in India

A contest by Google called Mapathon 2013, that wants users to contribute information to Google Maps and improve maps in India. The top 1000 contestants will receive prizes

Google has lately taken a big interest in improving their maps for India. Like three months ago, they introduced traffic updates for Indian cities and before that they had introduced displaying bus routes.

But Google wants more hand-on data and they want volunteers to get more useful data for Google Maps. They have announced that initiative called Mapathon 2013.


What Google Maps wants?

You can register for Google’s Mapathon 2013 contest at this landing page. Ideally sign in with your Gmail account. The contest will run from Feb 12 to March 25. So you still have 3 days to go ahead and register before it starts.

What Google is trying to do here, is get a lot of Maps users to volunteer important information across India. Google is also offering prizes for the top 1000 contestants.


  • Prizes on offer include 10 Samsung Galaxy Note 800 Android tablets.
  • 40 Samsung Galaxy S II phones.
  • 50 Flipkart gift coupons worth Rs. 5000.
  • The top 1000 contestants will get an free t-shirt too.

Chance to do good karma!

Thought prizes notwithstanding, I think it is a good idea to contribute to Google Maps from time to time. Especially with new information about important places like hospitals, correct names of roads and more.

Link: Google Mapathon 2013