Twitter Search Gets Better – Tells You Why A Trending Topic Is Trending

TwitterThe folks at Twitter has just added a small but impressive feature into its real-time search system. When users click on a particular trending topic listed on the sidebar of the page, a short description related to the event or product will be displayed.

For example, as I clicked on ‘Typhoon Ondoy’, Twitter will show a paragraph of text, telling me what ‘Typhoon Ondoy’ is all about and why is it trending. This is particularly useful as it enables me to find out more about the natural catastrophe in the Philippines, without reading multiple updates posted by users to get an insight of what’s happening.

Twitter Search Gets Smarter
Twitter Search Gets Smarter

[Editor’s Note: This post is submitted by our guest blogger Dinesh Verma. Dinesh writes at Teen Tech Guru on web 2.0 technology.

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Sajitha October 5, 2009

I want to say Twitter is faster than any other communication media at present. In last month,when we experienced a mild Earth quake,I got the first conformation from Twitter users;after half an hour the News flashed on TV screen.

Mohsin October 6, 2009

hello rahul,


Now is on PR4

i m not a lucku guy …same pagerank…

i have PR2 ONLY..!!