Easily Launch Applications on your Computer with ‘Launchy’ [Windows & Linux]

launchy You must have noticed, since last couple of days, I have been writing about productivity apps that helps to easily manage things on your PC. So, here is another utility – Launchy that can help you easily launch applications installed in your pc with maximum of 2-3 key strokes. If you are an avid computer user and keep switching from one apps to other, then this is another must have app for you.

Using Launchy:

Download Launchy for free, install it and customize your desired keyboard shortcut (default is Alt+Space bar). Voila! Next time whenever you need to open up any of your installed applications just hit “Alt+Space” or your predefined keyboard shortcut, type the initials of the application name and hit enter and your application will be launched. Yes, that simple it is. 😉

Brief Features of Launchy:

  • Open source application to launch applications with minimum keystrokes
  • Makes opening of applications and software simple
  • Supported for PC running on Linux and Windows operating system
  • Customizable skins
  • Fast and light weight

Links: Launchy Official site | Download Launchy


Prashanth October 5, 2009

You can also use Executer (http://executor.dk/)
I use it 🙂

Deepak Jain October 5, 2009

Personally, I found Launchy to be working better!

Abhishek Kumar October 5, 2009

a poor man’s version of Mac’s spotlight 🙂
nice find though.

Sourish Nath October 5, 2009

I will install it today in my Vista and see how it works. Thanks for the find

shyam mudliar October 8, 2009

Nice Find buddy