Limit Search Results on Twitter from Users You Follow

I have always liked using Twitter a lot more than Facebook or Google+. It is a open platform and a constant stream of information on what is happening around the world. Most importantly it is not a network of friends and leaves it upto every individual user to decide what sort of network they want to build.

One problem I have always had with Twitter is the lack of search capabilities. Searching for older tweets is very difficult and sometimes impossible. If Twitter has to remain relevant and useful it has to get better at its search capabilities.

Today Twitter announced many improvements to its search features. These include spelling corrections, getting related suggestions and most importantly searching for a query by limiting the results from your followers. Just login to your Twitter account on the browser and search for a query.

Twitter Search Followers

As you can see from the above screenshot, Twitter now allows searching for results from the people you follow.

These search features are available on the Twitter website and the official Twitter apps for iPhone and Android. That probably means Twitter might not be extending this feature on TweetDeck. That would be disappointing news for TweetDeck or third part app users.

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