Twitter testing a new feature called Twitter List.

Twitter is simple, uncomplicated and so easy to use, that first time users usually ask themselves if this is all there is to it! Now Twitter is adding features.

Twitter just announced on its blog that they are testing a new feature called ‘List’ with a small group of users.


Credits: Twitter Blog

Lists on Twitter

  • ‘List’ will allow users to organize the people they follow. This means you can now have similar accounts on one list.
  • People who follow you can also follow the whole list you have organized instead of doing this individually.
  • The ‘Lists’ will be public by default but will have an option to keep them private.

Twitter claims that this is being developed for better organization of accounts which was the common grouse of people who follow a lot of people on Twitter.

In my opinion Twitter is making a transformation from being a social networking or micro blogging site into a feed-provider service.

Maybe people should stop comparing Twitter with Facebook and start comparing it to RSS in the future.

Twitter will be allow ‘List’ feature to all its users very soon after tests are completed.

Link: Tiwtter Blog