Twitter has new tool to control spam

I have not really been a recipient of ‘Spam ‘inundating my Twitter account. But I can imagine if you are following people in hundreds it can be really difficult to really weed out the spammers.

Twitter yesterday announced a new tool that will help them deal with accounts that spread spam.


How does “Report for Spam” work?

  • Its simple, you need to visit the profile page of the person who is spamming and report the person for Spam.
  • Twitter does not block the account. It reviews the account and checks if this is actually being used for spamming and then take action.
  • Once you Report the account for spamming, automatically that account cannot send you messages or follow you. šŸ™‚

Twitter seems to be steadily improving and with a expected roll out of the options for organizing Tweets into lists, this enhancement of dealing with spammers is a welcome sign.

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Note: In the Image I used Deepak Jain’s profile. He is by no means a spammer and is a very respectable blogger along with being a Editor for DW.:-)