Twitter Users: IE6 Must Die for the Web to Move On!

idestroyerjp-1IE6 was one of the worst editions of the Internet Browser series to be released by Microsoft in terms of compatibility, design and just plain, simple  surfing. A simple Google search would bring out thousands of results wherein people have poured out their woes about using IE6. The most recent example being of IE6 replacing the default search engine automatically to Bing. Well now a twitter user has taken this matter into his own hands!

James Lynch (@lynchjames) has begun using to bring about the downfall of IE6. What twibbon does is that it overlays your twitter profile image with a small symbol, detecting a reject stamp on the icon of IE6. Over 4500 twitter users have already joined this campaign. Currently a dozen people are are adding a “No to IE6” image to their profile pictures.twibbon

Although this might not bring about the sudden deprecation of IE6 by Microsoft, still this could be a small step in that direction. What do you think? Anyways it’s one of the best methods of cyber activism, I’ve come across.

If you want to support this campaign, head over to IE6 Must Die campaign at twibbon.

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Vanessa December 17, 2009

One of our developers wrote a song called “IE is being mean to me” and you can find the video here:

Hope you like it.