Under Sea Cable Cut Disrupts Internet in Middle East and South Asia

internet-cable-cut Since last one day or two, I noticed that my BSNL broadband connection was too slow and I was wondering whether there is some problem in my local exchange, in the mean time I came across an article where in it was mentioned about the faulty optical fibres that prevented Internet users to have a consistent and speedy Internet connectivity. Also, those optical fibres break resulted in disruption of International telephone services.

As per the statement:

Breaks in three submarine cables which link Europe and the Middle East have disrupted Internet and telephone services in the Middle East and South Asia, officials said on Saturday. The disruption reduced Egypt’s Internet capacity by about 80 percent. Technicians were restoring some capacity by diverting communications traffic through the Red Sea.

So, not only India, people of many other countries as well, are suffering from Internet outage atleast, if not long distance phone calls. Though, the exact cause of break in sub-marine cables is not yet known, but according to experts, due to such disruption in services, the economy of these countries will surely be affected. The statement added, it may take few more days to the respective agencies to fix those faulty lines.

So all internet users out there, are requested not to panic if you too are suffering from slow internet connection, and wait until it takes the respective officials to restore the connectivity to normal condition. 🙂

Image Credits: Techshout

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jason April 27, 2010

hmm thats y airtel users also face the same probs..hope they fix it soon!!