Google Image Search Just Got Even Better

Few days ago, Google announced the launch of a new feature in their Image Search Engine, using which one can search exclusively for faces and later on they released photo search feature. But now, they realized to do something even better and the output is what I am going to write about.

Now Google have included features to search for Line Drawings and Clip arts as well. So, if you are looking for some specific formats or types of images, then you can now easily locate the images you are looking for using these new options in Google Image Search.

Google Image search1

To check out these new options, I personally tried searching images using the different options for the Keyword ‘Christmas’ and here are those images.

Google Image search_photo

Google Image search_line 

Google Image search_clip art

If you remember, few days ago I mentioned a feature in Live image search using which we were able to find images using similar images. This new updates by Google, seems to be a reply to those guys at Microsoft. 🙂

Link: Google Image Search

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