Remotely Troubleshooting Friend’s PC Straight From Your Desktop

All of us have faced this situation, an issue which cannot be resolved. Software not being installed correctly, Software not functioning the way it should, Driver problem, Configuring IIS on windows, Resizing Partitions etc

There are time when you must have faced a situation in which a friend of yours could help you out only if he could have access to your PC. Not only troubleshooting, if you have multiple systems and keep one turned on while not being physically present, this software may come as a life saver.

logmein_remote_controlLogMeIn, is a software client gives you fast, easy remote access to your PC from any computer with an Internet connection. Its basic version is free but has various other flavours for which you need to pay depending on the Version you are opting for.

All you have to do is download the LogMeIn Client and register for a free account. Install the client on every PC you wish to access remotely using your credentials. Then, you can connect to the system from anywhere in the world as long as it has a decent broadband net connection.

LogMeIn allows control of the PC through Mouse, Keyboard and you can see the Desktop to work as if it was your own PC! I access my system from my college lab to view the status of the active torrents which i leave behind running when I am not home. Its that easy and cool.

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Link: LogMeIn


AD March 4, 2009

Guys its a really very old news.I know abt logmein for last one year.

Bapun March 4, 2009

New to me. Will try this right now. Tfs 🙂

albert March 5, 2009

@Vaibhav Kanwal : I saw so many ads from LogMeIn. But I never tried this software…

Is there any big difference between TeamViewer and LogMeIn…?

Vaibhav Kanwal March 5, 2009

@Albert : There is not much difference between the two, LogMeIn offers a slightly better interface and is nice to work with. Its a bit faster and there’s encryption on every level so I prefer LogMeIn. Also, You can access your computer from iPhone too! (only in North America)

TeamViewer might be useful to those who like its simplicity and features. Its available for MAC as well, so you have to take a call.

I’d like to point out that if its dead simplicity you’r looking for than crossloop is the best one but its comparatively slow to both LogMeIn and TeamViewer.

Albert March 5, 2009

@Vaibhav Kanwal : Thanks for reply. In TeamViewer the clarity of the Remote Desktop Screen is very low. But it also depends on the Internet connection speed and the PC performance.

venkat March 11, 2009

I haven’t really tested Logmein till now ,but I had used Teamviewer which is simple and very useful for solving computer problems of friend’s pcs

Gautam March 17, 2009

The clarity totally depends on the internet. The faster the internet, the more the quality

Albert March 20, 2009

@Gautam: Yes. That is the fact.

Aditya March 21, 2009

It’s pretty good tool. I have used many times and fixed lots of computer through that.

Rob June 3, 2011

a good alternative to logmein and teamviewer is TurboSupport. It runs on both mac and pc. It is easy to setup as well