Use mouse gestures with Chrome browser to simplify browsing

Use mouse gestures with Chrome browser to simplify browsing with extension called smooth gestures. Navigate, open tabs and more with just mouse gestures on the browser.

If you spend a lot of time front of your computer screen and much of it is dedicated to surfing the internet thanks to browsers then you might like this one. Chrome browser has an extension which allowed me to use the browser with mouse gestures.

Mouse gestures are very interesting as it actually allows you to open a tab, go back, forward, scroll down or up without the tradition keystrokes or using the browser interface. Mouse gestures carry out these task based on how you are moving the mouse.

About Chrome’s Smooth Gestures

  • This as you know by now, works only with Chrome browser. The extension has gestures which are supported for Page navigation and Tab Management.
  • Also with some simply gestures you can look up cookies, source code and also the options page.
  • These mouse gestures can be used by holding down the right click button.
  • Another great feature is these mouse gestures can be synced with your Google account just like your sync bookmarks on Chrome. 😉

I have been using Chrome browser with this extension and one of the main advantage found out is that there is no use for looking up keyboard keys or icons on the browser and all you really have to remember are the gestures which is a piece of cake one you start using it.

Drop in your comments with your views and share any similar tools that you might know about.

Download Link: Chrome Extension for Smooth Gestures


Agent Deepak | Blogging. Marketing & Success May 6, 2010

I use mouse gestures on my IE 8 (installed a plug-in for that) and it eases my browsing saving lot of time.

Time to add mouse gesture to Chrome as well. Does it work on Chromuium too?

Aditya Kane May 7, 2010

I have not test it on Chromium OS but I guess it should work on it too.