Use Microsoft Word 2007 as a Blogging Tool

There are many softwares (Windows Live Writer, BlogDesk etc) that serve as an alternative for publishing posts on your blog. But do you know that you can use Microsoft Word to publish or even save posts offline?

In order to use Microsoft Word as a blogging tool, follow the simple guide below.

  1. Open Microsoft Word. Click on the Office button and select New. It will open a new window, just select New Blog Post and click Create.


  1. It will ask you to register your blog account. Click on Register Now.


  1. Now, select the blog provider. In my case I selected WordPress.


  1. It will ask you to enter the url and login information of the blog on which you want to publish the post. Fill in the details and click OK.


  1. It will show you a popup showing that your account registration was successful.


  1. Now you can post on the blog using Microsoft Word.


  1. You can manage multiple blogs using Microsoft Word. Click on Manage Accounts and then click on New. Follow the instructions as in previous steps and it will add other blog accounts as well.


Easy isn’t it.

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Agent Deepak | Blogging. Marketing & Success May 7, 2010

Never tried Blogging from my Desktop. I always knew I can use MS Word for blogging but never did it.

I just love using WordPress default editor + TinyMCE Plugin

JOHNMOSES May 10, 2010

Nice post……

jaganmangat August 10, 2010

can it be used for blogger too ???