Using Twitter for Marketing your Online Business to Success

Research has shown, Marketers who are using Twitter for marketing have recorded increased exposure, higher targeted traffic, better search engine position, & increase in conversion rates. Twitter has appeared on to the social media picture in a mighty way. There are millions of Twitter users around the globe. This holds a great potential in using twitter for marketing online. A difficult market to neglect.

What makes Twitter different from any other social networking site?3383916444_bbd1947b0a_o22

We all know the fact that web marketers have been paying special interest while using Twitter over MySpace or Facebook in terms of niche targeted marketing. These questions are sure to come in the mind of an entrepreneurs looking forward to web marketing. However you will easily come to know the answer with a short experience with Twitter and learn the benefits of using twitter for marketing online.

Easy to Use

Twitter is very different from the traditional social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace. Twitter is comparatively very simple and easy to use, even for one who is struggling to learn the basics of web. While Facebook and MySpace require tricky elements in their user profiles, components & maintenance of a personal web page. On the other hand Twitter requires a short and simple registration process to create your public profile, and then a user is ready to start tweeting. All that is need is the ability to type simple messages within 140 characters about your current activities or interests and post them as updates for your followers. The simplicity of twitter is what that is drawing web marketers into using twitter for marketing.

Ease of access

In twitter a user can “Tweet,” or write a short message, as often or as infrequently as they want. There are also many twitter applications available for Twitter that integrate with your twitter account to  manage your postings, allow you schedule tweets for future. These add-ons twitter applications can also manage your friend contacts, response to posts & updates from other twitterians whom you have chosen to follow. There are various online applications which can be used for using twitter for marketing.

Great potential

In twitter large market exists, and web marketers can easily identify targeting specific market segments for promoting their business and using twitter for marketing. Like any other website on the internet, Twitter is not spared from SPAM either. Many Twitter users are actually spammers, promoting large volume of adverts in their tweets, hoping to get some interest. But twitter is created in such a way that spammers can’t have it. As soon as you post some irrelevant and annoying message you are no longer followed by a user and they start to leave you and your follower count decreases.

[Editor’s Note: This post is submitted by our guest blogger Sourish Nath. Sourish is a Computer Science Graduate and a Part-time blogger. He writes in his blog OneTrickADay about reviews on technology and cyber security.Follow him in twitter @onetrickaday

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