Google’s new look resembles Yahoo Search

I came across an article on the internet about Google experimenting with a redesign of their main homepage. Earlier they experimented a bit with a minimalistic looking search bar with no links appearing until the mouse was moved. The new design looks a lot more colorful and the icons are quite attractive.

How to get Google search homepage with new look?

  • First you need to log out of Google and then visit
  • Then type the code which is below,  in your address bar for creating a cookie to let your browser know you are trying to look up the redesigned Google homepage.


  • After the code is entered, refresh the Google homepage. If you are in India and it loads the Google India page, just click on the link which reads as Go to 🙂

Google Homepage’s redesigned look


Google imitating Yahoo search?

I am a fan of Google and love it for it’s simplicity. The layout and the design over the years has retained its simplicity  and all the search options are still out of sight neatly tucked under More Options link over the list of search results. I think that could exactly be the reason why Google is re-designing. It wants to make sure that people who are not adept at using their search engine, do get to know the various options available.

What I found strange about the new look was it’s similarity to Yahoo Search. Below is a screen-shot taken from Yahoo Search and the similarities in the layout are quite striking. The usage of icons is extremely similar.


On a lighter note in view of Yahoo has slipping over the years, I hope this does not mean that Google will try emulating Yahoo. 😉

Do you like this new design Google is working on? Do let me know with your comments.


Abhishek Jain November 28, 2009

A big NO. I loved Google becoz of its current search engine and results placement. No wonder others may like it. But I will not! 🙁

Aditya Kane November 28, 2009

well the new layout only seems to be showing the sidebar by default. I dont think it makes any difference to yheir results placements or search engine functionality.

Dnyanesh Mankar November 28, 2009

Interestingly, it is also somewhat similar to the Bing’s Search Result page.