Visual search with Google Goggles and its implications

Just when everybody thought Android applications were nice but niche out comes Google with something truly revolutionary. The technology has existed but its application has been more or less nil. An Android application called Google Googles has captured a lot of attention of many gadget lovers.

Take pictures and search them with Google Goggles

About Google Goggles

  • Google Goggles is an application which can be used if your phone runs Android 1.6.
  • You can just point your mobile phone camera and take a snap of something you want to search.
  • Google will search and give results for the same. Just pointing the camera to certain local businesses gives you a prompt on the phone to look up information related to it. šŸ™‚

Check out Google Goggle’s video below

The implications of Google Goggles

  • The implication of Google Goggles is huge and the potential is almost limitless. This technology bundled with Google Maps or Google Earth couldĀ revolutionizeĀ map navigation even more than it has already.
  • For instance if you were driving in a unfamiliar city and were lost. Just a click an image and you would get an exact idea of where you are. If you were browsing through products in the supermarket and needed more exacting information about a brand, you could just take a pic and search the details with your phone.
  • Even more impressive yet controversial could be facial recognition. Take a picture and you might get the name of the person especially if someone has his or her pics online and are tagged.
  • This really opens a lot of doors for technology to be implemented in many ways we might not have anticipated. The best part for Google is the potential for revenues with this sort of technology if implemented on a large scale could be huge.

Let me know what you think about Google Goggles and how it would change search in the future through your comments.

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muhajir December 17, 2009

now thats somethgin ! // :_) truly revolutionary