Four pages on a single webpage

Note: The website reviewed has moved to a different location. Links have been updated.

There are many websites and web services which are interesting, useful and sometimes downright weird. Googlegooglegoooglegooogle is one such website. No that is not a typo and I am not chanting Google over and over. It is a website which opens 4 Google search pages within a single page.

Google X 4

About Google X 4

  • It seems like a fun website with 4 Google search engines being accessible for you. It needs JavaScript to be enabled on your browser.
  • The joke about it, is that the creator was looking to purchase a url with It was already taken and hence he took what was available and that was Google spelt 4 times one after another. The idea to insert four search pages in one came later.
  • The website is quite useful if you want to be signed in to two or three email accounts or even follow 4 content websites. Click on the green arrow at the top and insert the address of the website you want to visit. This way you can have four different website open at the same time on the same page (see image below).
  • One drawback is the back button. This is a problem as individual pages within the page cannot be made to go back as the whole page is refreshed and you go back to the previous URL that was on the browser.

Below is a screeshot of  blogs we have on rtBlogs on a single page

4 Blogs on rtCamp being displayed on a single page

Try out Google X 4 and do let me know what you think about it through your comments. 🙂


CA Karan Batra August 13, 2010

@ Aditya
It just aint opening on my Internet Browser… Any Idea regarding what could be the problem???

Anshul Dixit August 15, 2010

There is an interesting reason behind this problem. Google issued a legal notice to this guy for using their trademark and he was forced to submit the domain to google. But before doing that he left a long mail on his website where he retorted Google for this act. That was fun to read- the way he thrashed Google in that mail. He shifted to a new domain, though I don’t remember which one it is.

Aditya Kane August 15, 2010

i checked this site and its still works fine form a new address… just look up 😉