Vodafone to launch iPhone on 22 August, starting from Rs. 31000 in India

vodafone-apple-iphone Just checked official mail from Vodafone confirming launch date and price of Apple iPhone in India. Vodafone is launching iPhone in India from August 22, 2008 with 8GB & 16GB models, priced at Rs. 31,000 and Rs. 36,100 respectively.

Vodafones rival, Airtel is also launching iPhone on 22 August probably at the same price.

This is much higher than what I have expected. Also as these prices are clearly targeting very rich consumer section, these iPhones may come altogether with different plan with higher call rates / GPRS charges.

But I am still hopeful that prices will drop significantly once telecom companies make enough profits from first wave of iPhone customers. So I will surely wait for atleast 2 months before buying iPhone.

If you happen to buy it, please mail me your picture with your iPhone at [email protected]. I am planning to create gallery of our proud  iPhone owners.

Update: Check Vodafone’s plans for iPhone user at Digital Inspiration


Gagan August 22, 2008

Huge price and not affordable !! but I wish to own an Iphone !! 🙁

Hope to see fall in price in next 2-3 months !!!

Aditya August 22, 2008

I am a pround owner of HTC touch now!! iPhone is way too costly, you can get a laptop if u add few more 1000 bucks. it will give a better internet experiece :P. I aint buying a cell phone worht 30K :O !! My colleague owns a iphone 1.3 which he got for 23K last year, and i think i m taking it frm him, if he get s 3G … lol

Online Guide August 23, 2008

The prices are expected to drop significantly around Diwali, when the I-Phone will be launched without the partnership of Airtel or Vodafone

Rahul Bansal August 25, 2008

@Gagan, Aditya
I can’t afford any phone above 30K so I am also waiting for price drop.
I gusee price will drop significantly once all rich people gets their iPhone. 😉

@Online Guide
About: “…when the I-Phone will be launched without the partnership of Airtel or Vodafone”
Are you sure about iPhones launch without any partnership?