Voice Search & Transit Directions on Google Maps for Android-powered Phones

image Google has released an upgrade to Google Maps for Android-powered phones to include voice search, along with a bug fix and a new features.

Android is a software platform for mobile devices, running on the Linux operating system, and several hardware makers are also promoting it for use in netbooks.

New & Improved

With the new version of Google maps, you could:

  • Search using your voice. This will make it all the more easy for people to search for places while on the go.
  • Choose the accent of your choice. The new version uses the voice recognition engine that understands English in American, Australian, and British accents.
  • Use the improved business listings that include content such as store hours, prices, ratings, and reviews, which will make it easier for you to decide where to go.
  • Make the most of the transit and walking directions. You can now get directions using public transportation in over 250 cities and the best route on-foot with pedestrian only pathways.
  • Google has also updated its Latitude application, which allows computer and Android users to share their location with friends:
    • The bug that caused background location updates to periodically stop for some has now been fixed.
    • Now, upon selecting “Detect your location” from the Latitude privacy menu, the location will continue to update as long as the phone is on.

A new experimental feature

“Updates” is a new experimental that lets users communicate by exchange comments by posting messages.

How does it work?

  • Start Latitude
  • Click the “Updates” tab to shout out updates at friends when they’re at interesting locations
  • Start a conversation when you’re at your favorite location, or simply add more details to your Latitude location for your friends to see.

Note: This upgrade for now is not automatically pushed. The person you are sending messages to should have the new version of Google Maps for Android downloaded or else they will not get your messages otherwise.

(Source & Image credits: Google Mobile Blog)