Warning for Email scam for Facebook users

There is a new warning put out by Facebook about a Email scam which prompts the email user to open an attachment to get a new Facebook password. This is a very dangerous attachment as what it can do once you open the attachment is, it can potentially access any Username and Password you use with your computer.

An example of the email sent out. Source: Mashable

What to do if you get such an Email?

  • If you receive such an email do not open the attachment.
  • Delete the email from your computer and also the email server especially if you are using an email client like Gmail fetcher or Outlook Express along with Live Mail.
  • Make sure you anti-virus is up-to date as this is a threat which already can be identified by some anti-virus software.

Do remember that Facebook or no reputable website would ever prompt the user to change his/her password or get a new one through an attachment. Most people will figure out it is a scam but the size of Facebook having 400 million active users.

Credit: Mashable