5 Cool Web Applications for Everyone to Save Time

Many people have been using their PC’s or Gadgets to meet their daily needs. However it is bit difficult to have Gadgets to meet our each and every need. For example consider a reminder, every Mobile is now loaded with reminders but initially people used to note this on the walls or papers etc, but after the evolution of Mobiles many are using the Mobile phones onely.

Reminder though few Gadgets that were existing in the market which were manufactured to only fulfill the reminder purpose. As technology is coping up every-day, people were expecting to have more loaded in a single product.

I have collected the 5 Web Applications that will help you a lot by making their impact and also they will save lot of time for you. Lets Check them out

  1. Itumz
  2. Amplify
  3. Charts
  4. Snipi
  5. Backupify

Itumz : Itumz is a very powerful web application tool that lets you to make lists, access them from browser, and also share them with all your friends. You can make lists that help you to organize your schedule. Just create your to-do list with this and you can access it from any where in the Globe. It even supports mobile version.

Amplify : Amplify is a free service for engaging and makes it easy to spark conversation about web-pages, paragraphs, images, videos or origianl ideas that make people think. It just helps you to share everything that you read on the web with your Twitter as well as Facebook friends.

Charts : Create your Own charts using this application, find new Music or Radiostations, watch the Videos of your favorite Artist or band. You can get Top-Tracks, Music, Videos and Charts from FM4. It is one of the world’s largest music Catalogue.

Snipi : Drag and drop products, photos and videos from anywhere on the web using Snipi. It is a quite useful tools that your can just drag and drop the interesting things on the Internet. Capture products, photos, videos of any webpage, colloct and organize your online friends, and also share your interests.

Backupify : It provides you the automatic backups, archiving and also you can export all your social meadia data. In case of any hacking or data base crashing this is the tools that matters.