We are hiring…

After struggling for more than a month, I failed to keep pace with the growing workload. So I have decided to formalize everything and soon Devils Workshop will be part of rtCamp, an unconventional company I always dreamt of.

About rtCamp…

rtCamp stands for Round Table Camp. Round Table, as its name suggests, has no head, inferring that everyone who sits there has equal status. Camp is from the spirit of various BarCamp, BlogCamp, and PHPCamp I have attended over the last 2 years.

So at rtCamp, our goal is to create a work culture where you will never feel like you are working in some company, rather if someone calls you when you are at rtCamp and asks where are you, your reply will be, “I am at Camp!”

More about rtCamp will become available on rtCamp’s site itself, very soon…

What we are working on…

  • Web Development: PHP projects are our favorite. We also code sites with AJAX. As of now we do not offer .NET services, but in near future if demanded will do that as well.
  • WordPress: We offer custom WordPress plugins development and standard WordPress services like integration with forums, SEO, etc. Theme development projects are on the cards.
  • Social Networking: OpenSocial and Facebook Apps are under-development. We help our clients integrate their products/services with various famous social networks. We are also planning to develop some useful and free apps for our reader community.
  • Blog Networks: More than 20 blogs will be launched in 6 months on different topics. Our bloggers will have full freedom and control over revenue model. They can get direct revenue from AdSense which is on, or can opt in for salary model.
  • Products: Our first web-based product expected to hit market within a month. It will be a premium service targetting corporate world.

What are we looking for…

Although we have listed many things, in the initial phase we are looking for PHP Programmers/Web Developers.

So if interested, apply here!

Some things you may like to know…

  • Competitive salaries will be offered. Of course do not compare with Microsoft or Google! 😀
  • Unlike many small startups, you will be offered holiday on complete weekend off, Saturday and Sunday.
  • No extra-workload. Of course you are free to come and leave office at timings comfortable to you.
  • Free meals.

So hurry up as we have limited vacancies.

Link: Apply here


Arjun S Kumar October 1, 2008


i’m a student..of 16

can i apply..

if i apply itself i will be getting only 2 days to work with this..

that is sunday and saturday..

i’m interested in this..

what can i do..??

BlogsDNA October 1, 2008

WoW, Best of Luck Rahul.. i suppose you guys wont require Oracle DBA …

Sachin Tendulkar October 1, 2008

when I applied for this, I was redirected to google docs sign in page. What should I do…

Santosh kamble October 1, 2008

hey ….good man! all the best

shaan2100 October 1, 2008

Best of luck RAHUL for ur new venture. i wish i could have been some help to U and devil workshop but being a computer illiterate person all i can do is give u bst wishes.

Johnson October 1, 2008

sounds cool man…

All my best wishes are wid u pal…
may you and your company reach new heights 🙂

Rahul Bansal October 1, 2008

Sure, if you know PHP or web dev. 🙂

We are using only open-source stuff. So for db, we use mysql.

Sorry for inconvenience buddy. I forgot to make form publish.
Now you can try again.
Thanks. 🙂

@Santosh, Shaan & Johnson
Thanks for your wishes guys. 🙂
And Shaan, if you like to write a blog, you may consider joining as author. 🙂
We will soon need MBA folks too.

Deepak Jain October 1, 2008

@Rahul Bansal – Congratulations Rahul Sir 😉
May all your dreams come true

Gaurav October 1, 2008

Nice Initiative Rahul Pro 😀
Heads up on that 😀
I am yet a PHP noob 😛 but would soon get to that 😉

Santosh Wadghule October 1, 2008

Hey… good man,
Keep it up…

Rahul Bansal October 2, 2008

Thanks Deepak… 🙂

Thanks man…
PHP is really nice. 🙂

@Santosh Wadghule
Thanks buddy… 🙂
Hope to see you “in” someday… 🙂

Sarvesh Sonawane October 3, 2008

Great going ..::..
Keep Rocking ..::..

..::.. Surun Infocore Systems is Always with you ..::..

Sarvesh Sonawane
Surun Infocore Systems

Sahil Sood November 2, 2008

Hi m Sahil Sood….!!!

I have done my diploma in IT and presently m pursuing B.tech 3rd year….!!! If u guys have some kind of job for me which i can handle as a part time work plz do let me know…!!!

Sahil Sood

Rahul Bansal November 25, 2008

@Sahil Sood
I cant say anything before going through your CV.
Also we are looking for full time guys.

Deepak November 4, 2008

@Sahil Sood
If you think you can do any work mentioned above, you can fill the form here/

Indrajit Mahajan January 4, 2009

Hey buddy….
wish u avery happy new year and all the best for ur this new venture….

Indrajit Mahajan,
Team Lead,
Direction Software Solutions

Rahul Bansal January 7, 2009

Thanks buddy… 🙂