New WhatsApp APK now let’s you hide ‘Last seen’, status and photo

A new APK file is now available on the WhatsApp website that lets you hide your Last seen timestamp, status and profile photo. This new feature is not available officially on the Google Play store yet.

You can either hide these details from everyone, including your contacts and strangers, or choose to let it be visible for everyone. You cannot hide the details from particular contacts.

Hide ‘Last Seen’, status and profile photo

Note : On hiding your Last Seen status, you won’t be able to see your contacts’ Last Seen status.

If you didn’t know, the iOS version of WhatsApp already has this feature and allows the users to hide the Last Seen tag. But, it comes with a limitation. You cannot change the setting every now and then. You will have to wait for one day to toggle the setting again.


Also, the iOS feature doesn’t let you hide your status and profile photo.

Talking about this feature for WhatsApp for other platforms, there are no reports yet. But, if the users find this feature useful, WhatsApp will be bringing this feature to the other devices soon.

Before you download the APK, it is suggested that you take a backup of your existing WhatsApp using MyAppSharer or any other method that you prefer.

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Link: Download WhatsApp APK | via Firstpost

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2 replies on “New WhatsApp APK now let’s you hide ‘Last seen’, status and photo”

  1. Nice article arun. I have two doubts. First, if I set “last seen” to nobody, then I can’t see “last seen” of my contacts (idealy, it should work as if I hide my “last seen”, I should be able to see my contacts last seen until they disable from privacy) and Second, who comes under “my contacts”? People in my phone book, or people who have my number in their phone book? and what about blocked contacts?

    1. Thanks Nikhil. You can’t see your contacts ‘Last seen’ because this is a part of the feature. ‘My contacts’ refers to contacts that you’ve stored on your mobile phone and regarding blocked contacts, you and the blocked contact won’t be able to see each other’s details.

      I hope my answers are correct. At least, this is what happened to me when I tried these in my WhatsApp.

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